A while ago, I was asked by the lovely Nicola if I would be interested in taking part in Gordons Chemist, ‘Blogger in Residence’ project. Having explained what would be expected of me, I happily accepted her offer.

Basically, I am their resident blogger for the month of August. I was kindly gifted with £100 to spend in my selected store. I chose their branch in Corn Market and I was quite excited to go instore to see what was available. At first I was a little over whelmed as there was so much to choose from. I thought that with this voucher, I would try to work across the large majority of areas.




From sweet smelling scents to luxury skincare products, I had a ball browsing around and picking my favourite products. Throughout the month of August, I’m going to blog each week and share with all of you lovely readers, what I purchased. I’m thrilled to be a part of this fun task.




Stay tuned each week to see what I selected. Again, thank you to Nicola and Gordons for selecting me for their August resident. ♥


I’m off to America tonight, so I’ll blog as I go. I might not post as often as I usually do, but, I’m sure you’ll see a few snapshots from me. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for daily shots of my Boston and NYC adventures! :)


On Tuesday, I am making the much awaited journey to Boston to see my very special man friend. I cannot tell you just how excited I am. Of course, I get to see my best friend, but, I’m getting the opportunity to go on the holiday of a lifetime. While I’m in the U.S, I’m going to take a quick trip to New York for a spot of shopping! ;)


As happy as I am to be going on holiday, I tend to find the build up a little stressful. Remembering to pack everything, converting money and buying last minute essentials. Today, I’m going to share my ‘Jet Setting Essentials’ that I take with me no matter where I go.

It may seem obvious to some, but, these little details are often the most important.

Boarding Essentials

For me, my boarding belongings and carry on essentials are just as important as what clothes I bring. Of course, the most important is my passport (you would be surprised how often this gets left behind!). If you’re going on a long haul flight like me, then a variety of good books is required. I actually enjoy flying and I could spend hours just staring out the window. However, books are great for those of you who prefer to stay occupied. With the oxygen at such a height, it can often play havoc with my skin. I always bring on a few beauty essentials (all under 100ml, of course!) to save my skin from dehydrating. To top it all off, I bring my sleepy mask, iPad and headphones with me when I wish to ‘zone out’ for a while.


Beach Essentials

A blissful day at the beach is all about bathing and relaxing. First priority is taking care of my skin by applying plenty of sun cream. Once I’ve done that, I drift into a world of my own all while catching a tan. Another book is best suited for me when I’m in between splashing around in the sea and catching a little snooze. I prefer to create a mismatched look when it comes to wearing bikinis. A knee length kimono is perfect for wearing as a cover up. P.s… ignore the state of my beach bag, I’ve had it for years and it has been all over the world with me. (Also an essential for a day at the beach!) ;)


Outfit Essentials

When it comes to my outfit choices, I tend to keep everything minimal. I’ll pack bold prints, vibrant colours and comfortable shoes that will carry my look throughout the holiday. With shoes, I pack two pairs of gladiator sandals (a tan and black pair), my favourite Carvela tan gladiator wedge sandals and perhaps a pair of trainers if I’m walking long distances. A delicate piece of jewellery is perfect as when you had a tan, it emphasises your skin tone quite a lot and jewellery can often clash with your tan. I’m going to give my fabulous Michael Kors clutch its first outing when I’m in New York, best place to do so. ♥



Beauty Essentials

Whatever skin routine I use at home, I bring it with me. My try to keep things simple when I’m focusing on my skincare routine. Of course, the trusty sun cream plays a huge part. I’ll also include some after sun and aloe vera, I just haven’t got round to purchasing those yet. I always pay an SPF lip balm before I go on holiday as swollen and badly burnt lips are not a good look for anyone!


After writing up this post, I’m started to get extremely excited! I can’t wait to touch down in Boston and start my adventure of a lifetime. Once I go to New York, I’ll never want to come home! I’ll blog if I can when I’m there. :)


Have a fabulous weekend! How pretty is this gorgeous Kerrie Hess ‘Friday’ illustration?! ♥


I had so many Instagram images to share with all of you having taken a little time off next week. This week I’ve selected my favourite pictures over the past two weeks consisting of food, fashion, beauty, illustrations and a very fabulous rooftop jacuzzi.

I’m very excited today as this day next week, it will be my first full day in Boston. I’m heading over there for a week or so then jetting up to the Big Apple. It’s all so fabulous and I cannot wait! I’ll be sharing so many images from my trip on my Instagram so make sure you follow me to be kept up to date! ♥















(Photo credit: Anna Wintour illustration by Rongrong DeVoe || Fantasy Gown illustration by ShameKH)

Happy Hump Day, lovelies! Hope you have a fab one. I’m off to get a hair ‘did’. Pamper day! :)


Last week, I took time off from blogging. I had so much going on and I was crazy busy working. Truth be told, it felt good to take a break and find time to relax and concentrate on some exciting and stylish adventures. I’ll reveal it in the near future! ;)

What that said, I’m happy to get back into blogging. I feel refreshed and ready to go. Sometimes taking time off to concentrate on ‘real life’ can help reload your energy and make you feel ready for your return into the world of blogging and social networking. Any who, over the weekend, I ventured into town and indulged in some much needed retail therapy. I purchased a few fashion pieces, but, for today I’m going to focus on my new beauty products.

Whenever I’m in town, I always pay a visit to MAC (it would be rude not to!). They have a magnificent new counter and everything just looks sooo pretty! To be honest, it’s hard not to visit the MAC counter and walk away empty handed. As I have quite oily eyelids, I have recently started to invest in their Pro Longwear Paint Pots. They’re great for concealing my eyelids and they help minimise the oil. I already have ‘Painterly’, which is a natural shade that I use as a base colour.


I love creating smokey eyes using golds, coppers and brown tones, so I decided to update my collection and invest in their gorgeous, ‘Let Me Pop’ cream shadow. It’s so incredibly pigmented that goes on in a creamy format but dries to an intense and vibrant finish. Paint Pots are designed to maintain long lasting wearing colours. They are extremely easy to apply and I don’t have any problems with them looking too heavy.


Now onto a cosmetic brand that I feel can sometimes be underrated. N°7 is a historic beauty concession that was launch over 70 years ago by Boots. They’re a purse friendly line and they are quite classic in their approach to branding. I love their mascara as their wands are quite thick and full which are perfect for my lashes. I also have a few of their natural lipsticks and now I have welcomed their Natural Blush Tint Powder and Instant Radiance Bronzing Highlighter to the family!


Starting with the blusher, I bought this in the shade, ‘Honey’ as it’s perfect for first timers like me who are getting to grips with contouring. It’s such a natural shade and perfect for wearing as a stand alone blush or as part of a contouring look. It’s incredibly easy to apply and you can build up the colour which I love!


I’ve quickly become addicted to this fabulous highlighting make up product. I’ve heard quite a lot of hype surrounding this item from various beauty bloggers. I have to say, usually I would steer clear of bronzing products as they would have frightened me. I was just so afraid of looking like I was wearing too much make up or that it would gather and make my face look dirty. However, I have taken baby steps into trying this look. It has a beautiful warm golden tone to it. Apply it is a piece of cake, it instantly gives me a sun kissed look! (P.s… Please ignore the hairs on my hand!) ;)



I hope that you all had a great week and an even better weekend. It feels sooo good to be back blogging up a storm! ♥


For me, the weeks have been flying in. I can’t believe that we’re into the second week of July already! I have to admit that I’ve been dreading this week for months now. Over this coming weekend, my very amazing man friend moves to America for one year. No doubt that I’ll be upset when he goes and I’ll miss him terribly, but, it means I’ll be jetting back and forth throughout the year. I’m happy with that! ;)

My Instagram has been busy this week between summer shots, fabulous fashion, mouthwatering food and beautiful images from Belfast and Dublin. I’ve been down in the south of Ireland this week spending precious time with my other half and attending some fashion and beauty events around the city.


















(Photo Credit: 4. Hayden Williams || 5. MAC – The Simpsons || 6. Giambittista Valli)

This week has honestly been amazing! I’ve loved every second of it. Apologies for this belated post. Hope you’re all having a fabulous week.


Thursday was such an amazing day for me. I received some amazing news, I went on a mini shopping spree, I closed the door with some personal obstacles and I came home to this spectacular rose gold Emozioni necklace. ♥


I love when you feel so good about yourself – you feel like you can take on the world. I’ve been working extremely hard building up my journalism and blogging career. So, to receive this breathtaking gift from the lovely folks at Emozioni, was just the most perfect and extremely stylish icing on the cake.

A few months ago, you may remember that I was invited to the delicious Coppi restaurant in St Anne’s Square to attend an intimate dinner held by the lovely Paul & Sarah for Emozioni jewellery. They talked us through each piece of jewellery while we ate mouthwatering tapas food and sipped on some sweet beverages. Throughout the evening, we tried on every piece available and we were lucky enough to take home a bracelet of our choice.



As soon as I opened my gift on Thursday, I literally squealed. I could not believe my luck at becoming the proud owner of this fabulous rose gold and black diamond necklace. My love for all things jewellery has now taken an all new high. I have a large collection of statement necklaces, but none quite like this one. It’s such a delicate piece while remaining bold enough to make a very breathtaking statement.



I decided to showcase my new baby at a family BBQ. The weather was sweet and I had styled up a very cute but casual outfit. It needed a beautiful final touch, and my necklace was it. I just love the combination of colours used in my new favourite accessory. The rose gold pops perfectly against the pretty black diamonds. The design of the coin helps add a touch of movement to it and the Hot Diamonds brands around the keeper gives off quite a Roman Numeral effect. I honestly cannot stop staring at it, it’s the perfect gift!



I just want to say a massive thank you to Paul and the fabulous Emozioni for sending me this little beauty. I am extremely thankful!

If you want to get on board the Emozioni brand and start building that perfect necklace, then visit: Hot Diamonds || Emozioni.

I hope you all had a brilliant weekend. ♥


During the week, I was contacted by Camillus Couture, an Irish fashion illustrator and designer. Based in London, Camillus is known for his quirky cupcake bag designs and hand drawn fashion illustrations. 


Fashion illustrations are one of my favourite types of art. There is something quite personal about them. I love the combination of colours mixed with the ink of a pen. I’ve featured previous fashion illustrations on my blog before (you can read it here).

Camillus’ portfolio includes many high end fashion magazines, designers and of course, supermodels. Today I’m going to share his fabulous Hermes, Linda Evangelista, Victoria’s Secret, Vogue Paris, Chanel, and classic Vogue.







His A4 illustrations are priced at £35, and can be purchased online: Camillus Couture

If you’re an Instagram addict like myself then check out Camillus’ account (camilluscouture) for more information. Naomi Campbell, Gisele, Selita Ebanks, and Coco Rocha have liked and commented in his work. If it’s good enough for them, then it’s definitely good enough for me! ;)

Happy Friday ♥


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