I don’t know about all of you but I love nothing more than smelling a sweet scent and having it transport me back to happy times. I have a certain perfume that every I spray it, I’m immediately reminded of my beautiful holiday in Greece. Same goes for my Victoria’s Secret scent, I dream of waking up in NYC with gorgeous view of the city from my window.

Scents are also a very personal part of a woman in my opinion. I think you can learn a lot about someone from what perfume they wear. I personally prefer something light with a fresh but not too fruity scent. I love clean, air like perfumes that have a long last power and leave you feeling sweet.

Inis: Energy of the Sea:

This is my absolute favourite and my signature scent that I wear everyday. I first discovered it about five years ago when I was down in Co. Kerry. It is an Irish made perfume and smells incredibly fresh. The perfume embodies the coolness, clarity and purity of the sea, it’s just so easy to wear and it doesn’t give you a headache. It lasts throughout the day but I always find myself spraying lots of it because I just can’t get enough.

Victoria’s Secret: Bombshell

Everyone owns a VS perfume, it’s a cult product and one that makes you feel perfectly angelic. Their scents are quite seductive smelling and screams woman empowerment. I also have Tease but I definitely prefer Bombshell as it is a tad more sweeter with beautiful fruits elements such as purple passion fruit, vanilla orchid and Shangri-la peony throughout it. I would wear it mainly on nights out for cocktails or on that rare occasion, clubbing! It is the perfect scent for those of you who are girly and love something sweet like candy.

  D&G: The One: 

This Dolce and Gabbana scent is by far the most feminine smelling. It is most definitely the ultimate ladylike perfume and an absolute joy to wear. I keep The One’  for my more special occasions such as weddings, formals or events. I don’t use it everyday as I like to keep it and wear it as a treat. I always think of Old Hollywood greats when it comes to this brand like Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn or Natalie Wood. The fragrance features top notes of mandarin and peach that is blended beautifully with jasmine, vanilla, amber and musk.

Alien: Eau Extraordinaire:
I have to admit, I’m not a massive fan of Alien as they’re too strong for me. Don’t get me wrong, they smell great and I’m envious of those who can wear it but I’m often left with a terrible migraine as they’re just too strong for me. I have however grown to like the Summer edition as it is that little bit lighter. I tend to wear this one more when I’m travelling as it has a pretty intense lasting power. I used it particularly when I was taking any long haul flights. When I arrived I could still smell the scent which is important as travelling for hours on end makes me feel stuffy.

I also adore Issey Miyake, Chloé and D&G No.3 but I’m out of those at the moment so I’ll be sure to feature those beauties another time. I’d love to know what scents you all love, are there any you would recommend?


Recently I’ve had a few requests to feature a FAQ post. I always try my best to answer all of your questions, particularly those sent via email. Hopefully some of these questions and answers will give you a little insight into my life.

Where do you live?

I live in Belfast. For the meantime anyway!

How many tattoos do you have?

I have four tattoos – three I love, one I regret. (The joys of growing up!)

Who’s your favourite style icon?

I don’t really have just one, that’s pretty impossible for me. I adore Olivia Palmero, Alexa Chung, Grace Kelly, Carey Mulligan, Sarah Jessica Parker, bloggers – Alexandra Pereira, Margaret Zhang and old movie favourites such as Barbara Streisand in Hello Dolly and Vivienne Leigh in Gone With The Wind .

Who’s your favourite illustrator?

I definitely have a weakness for art as I’m sure you’ve seen on my Instagram if you follow me (if not, come say hello!), in particular those who create stunning fashion pieces. Megan Hess is a personal favourite of mind but once again I have a few firm favourites.

If you could collaborate with one blogger who would it be?

Again, I can’t pick one! There are so many bloggers across the globe that I admire from Margaret Zhang (can you tell I’m obsessed with her?!) to Jaclyn Hill (I think she would be hilarious to work with!).

What camera do you use?

I use a Nikon D3100 with an 18 – 55 mm lense. I’m saving for a Canon to develop my photos more.

What do you use to edit your photos?

I use SnapSeed, it’s a straight forward app that allows you to tune your image and you also have the option to add some pretty filters.

Will you ever cross over to starting up a You Tube channel?

Ahhhh, the heart stopping question. I really do hope to start up my own channel in the near future. I just need to pluck up the courage to start filming. And also, I want to use a Canon for that so it’s still a hope in progress.

What You Tuber’s do you watch?

On a weekly basis I watch various beauty and fashion You Tuber’s such as Michelle Crossan, Victoria from In The Frow, Jaclyn Hill, Carli Bybel and Kathleen Lights.

Why did you start up your blog?

I started up my blog as I wanted to create a sort of online portfolio to share all of my writing, fashion and beauty interests. I wanted to do something that was completely out of my comfort zone and I have to admit that it has helped build my confidence as you have to social network like no other and also through working with PR companies and brands.

What advice would you give to those wanting to start blogging?

Well, lucky for you lovelies I featured a ‘Building Yourself A Blog’ post at the start of the year. You can read it here.

What platform is best to blog on?

I can’t really comment on Blogger as I’ve ever only used WordPress. I have heard mixed reports about both platforms so I would suggest doing a little research before setting your blog up. I do like WordPress though as I find it easy to navigate around.

I hope these answers give you a little glimpse into my life. Feel free to contact me on my social media accounts Twitter, Facebook Page and Instagram.

Happy Friday!


Given the fact that it is June and supposedly Summer (It’s hard to tell between the rain and sunshine). I thought I’d share my latest print purchase with all of you lovelies. When it comes to statement pieces, I always head to Warehouse in Victoria Square for all things vibrant. I definitely do prefer a bold look over a sweet sherbet style as I personally think it’s what suits my skin tone best. I definitely feel more like myself when I wear prints and bright colours, particularly during the Summer months when I have somewhat of a tan (It’s hard to get one with Irish summers).

The Aztec print is always a strong contestant during the brighter months. This gorgeous yellow and navy chiffon top is the perfect style for casual daytime looks and Summer BBQ’s. It has an open spilt back, although it was too cold to flash the flesh. If you keep an eye on my Instagram then I’ll be sure to upload a shot when it’s warmer.

The love for my Carvela gladiator sandals is real. I love any excuse to wear these beauties, they’re so comfortable and they go with everything. I always try to incorporate some edge into my looks, I like combining different styles together. I think it makes your outfit more personal and shows your own creativity.

Hope you’re all having a great week. Lets cross our fingers for some actual hot weather throughout the entire summer, I’m in dire need of some Vitamin D.


I have to admit when it comes to shopping for palettes, I tend to stick to the classic (and somewhat boring) neutral shades. As I have dark brown eyes (that wasn’t supposed to sound as big headed as it seems) I personally feel that I can only wear certain colours that I’m comfortable with. They always say that blues are good for dark eyes but there is no hope in hell of me rocking a dated 1980’s style statement eye. However I have started branching out within the last six months or so by introducing some copper, cranberry and burgundy tones into my palettes. If I’m feeling flirty and looking to spice things up I will always reach for my MAC single eyeshadow in Cranberry and through a loose pigment pot into the mix. Saying that it can be hard to find your perfect palette when you prefer sticking to a certain colour collection. The palettes I currently wear are from high street brands that are perfectly affordable and easy to blend.

NARS: And God Create The Woman:

I purchased this handy little compact when I was shopping up an absolute storm in Sephora, Boston. I can remember when the first palette launched and it was incredibly difficult to purchase due to the high demand. Therefore, you can imagine my excitement when I managed to get my hands on the second limited edition. It is your classic browns and gold’s but it is just so pretty and the best palette for travelling with. No matter if you are going for a subtle daytime look or full on dramatic smoky eye, you can work wonders with this little beauty. The pigmentation is quite impressive, although lets face it; it is a NARS product after all.

Charlotte Tilbury: The Vintage Vamp:

We all know the impact that Ms. Tilbury has had on the make up world since launching a while back. We can’t get it here in Belfast so I always head down to a Brown Thomas in Dublin and shop up a sweet sweet storm. I’ve built up a pretty nice collection but today is all about her wonder palette, The Vintage Vamp. This is by far my favourite choice out of all her palettes. It’s a beautiful warm collection of nudes, burgundies and a fabulous copper sparkle shade. The quartz works in order of how you apply it and I always find myself reaching for it time and time again. No matter what season we are in, I’ll always create an updated version of a statement look.

Tarte: Tarlette Amazonian Clay Matte:

The mother of all matte palettes! This wonder product is a huge favourite between us beauty bloggers and You Tuber’s, the pigmentation is pretty sweet. The shades are almost too pretty to use with the gorgeous Tarte logo imprinted in each pigment. It’s the ultimate palette for creating a soft and subtly daytime look or dusky smoky eye. The product is hard to get your hands on within Ireland and the UK as Tarte is an American brand, the shipping can be quite costly. It’s just so pretty and compact enough to travel with. I’m really into matte looks at the minute so it’s a nice change from all of the sparkles.

Urban Decay: Naked 3:

When it comes to the whole Naked palette craziness, I not particularly a huge fan. Don’t get me wrong I do have the first palette but I have gone off it and never use it anymore. It wasn’t until I seen a fellow beauty blogger using the third palette, that I fell head over heels in love. I definitely prefer the as it makes a nice change from the browns and gold. The third one is more mauve, deep purples and soft pinks, a fresher approach to a smoky eye in my opinion. With a massive variety of shades to play with, you’ll become an absolute PRO at mastering the dramatic smoky eye.

MAC: Toledo Limited Edition Palette:

What I absolutely adore about this little beauty is how different it is compared to my other picks. It is like nothing I would usually opt for but when the lovely girl create a look for me using it, I immediately fell in love. It’s pretty vibrant and not everyone’s cup of tea but if you’re looking to try something new, then I would recommend trying this palette or one similar. It’s a great colour collection to work with during the summer months and I can’t wait to recreate another vibrant look. I actually purchased the highly pigmented liner and mascara to match it they help pull the look together and make it pop like no other.

Which palettes are favourites of yours? I would love to hear your thoughts and maybe build my own collection.


This week is all about the Australian blogger sensation, Zanita Whittington from the hit TV show and my personal favourite, Fashion Bloggers. With the return of the show just last week, I felt it was only fitting to feature Zanita. Over the next few week’s I’ll continue to focus the spotlight on each of the bloggers from the show. My last inspirational blogger was Sara Donaldson from Harper and Harley (you can read her feature here). She is the Yin to Zanita’s Yang, polar opposites and that’s what makes them the perfect best friend duo. They remind me so much of me and my bestie, we are completely different and balance each other out. I don’t know what I would do without her, she’s my rock.

The show focuses on a group of girls who are genuine friends, a hard factor to come across especially within the blogging and fashion industry. They embrace every moment together and lead the way throughout the fashion world accomplishing milestones one post at a time. Her perfect laid back personality makes Zanita all the more relatable and down to earth. This is represented within her own personal style and throughout her blog.

When I think of Zanita’s style, I think of a free spirited individual. Expect lots of prints, boho vibes and the occasional pop of colour. We both have a love for Senso shoes, not a bad designer to have in common, right?!?! Zanita spends most of her time jet setting to Fashion Week and attending some amazing shows and events. She is such a fun girl making her a must have attendee across the globe.

I personally find that most bloggers, myself included has a keen eye for photography. For the large part, we take our own photo’s for social media, ie: Instagram and our blog if we can. Travelling is the beat opportunity to snap some shots of exotic destinations, mouthwatering food and beautiful cultures.

Travel. An mandatory requirement when you are a blogger. Zanita is extremely lucky to have the chance to travel the world exploring new countries, meeting other inspirational individuals and we are fortunate enough to see her do this through the wonder that is social media. If I was able to stay in a luxurious bed like the one below, I’m afraid I would never come home. It is without a doubt fit for a Queen.

Happy Friday, lovelies. I just want to thank you all for your constant love and support, it means a lot. Have a great weekend.


When I first heard of Pestle & Mortar I immediately think of the cooking equipment used to crush and grind spices and other ingredients. However, when I discovered that it was actually a skincare brand that is created with beauty and body wellness as its mantra I was definitely intrigued. Founded in early 2014 by Sonia Deasy, it is a family owned company that wanted to create a serum that was genuinely healthy for your skin and hassle free for those of us who have a busy lifestyle.

First of all can we just take a minute to appreciate the incredibly gorgeous packaging of the Pure Hyaluronic Serum?! It is just so chic and simplistic, I’m such a sucker for a well designed product! Now, back to business… For those of you who follow my blog or social media accounts (shame on you), you will all know just how much I love a good serum. I find this type of product works best with my skin type. I recently learnt that a liquid or gel product is best for my skin as it gets congested quite bad. I love the luxury feeling you get with a serum and the way it leaves my skin feeling. Less is certainly more when applying them as they’re quite a liquid based product you don’t need much. It actually reminds me a lot of the Josie Maran Aragon Oil that I got when I was in America. It’s pretty lightweight when applied and it doesn’t leave a greasy or oily residue. Bonus points!


I’ve been using this for just over one month now every night as this is when my skin responds best. It allows my skin to absorb the serum to its full potential. Each morning I can still feel a some of the product on my face which I actually like as I’ll know that my skin hasn’t completely drained it.

Have any of you lovelies tried the Pestle & Mortar brand before? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


I have a confession to make. I’ve never owned a piece of PANDORA jewellery… Until now that is! I had the absolute pleasure of meeting with the lovely Catriona and Suzanne from the brand at the Potted Hen discussing all things jewellery and yoga. My favourite metal regarding jewellery has always been rose gold, most of my collection consists of this rich colour. Now I have a magnificent PANDORA necklace to welcome to the family. It is created from a unique blend of copper and silver with 14k rose gold plating. Within the collection there is a touch of pink added to each piece creating a luminous and elegant feeling.

The brand is known for creating unforgettable memories with their pieces, in particular their charms. It’s all so romantic with the collections and a great way to remember special moments in your life. There is a charm for pretty much all aspects of life from travel to marriage, babies to special friends and family.

I was like a magpie looking at all of the gorgeous charms, earrings and rings. It was every girl’s dream sampling all of the pieces while nipping on mouthwatering treats. These fabulous earrings caught my eye instantly, they would help create the perfect festival look. The feather style is a strong feature throughout the collection, it also comes in a ring and necklace. I really need to invest in it for summer, I had so much much trying on all of the rings. I’m loving the layered look when it comes to jewellery so I stacked the feature gem with a pretty bow ring.

Onto the food. I’m still dreaming about the dishes, they were unbelievably delicious. I had thee most amazing salt and chilli prawns to start before tucking into a beautiful chicken and chorizo burger. To say I was full was an understatement but I didn’t want to leave a bite (that’s just how greedy I can be). I would seriously recommend visiting the Potten Hen, the interior is incredibly chic and obviously the food is magnificent.

I was so lucky and grateful to be gifted with this stunning feather necklace. I’ve a few festivals and concerts coming up so I’ll definitely be wearing it to channel the boho vibe. It’s such a pretty necklace and I love the combination of metals. I have so many other dainty gems to layer it with or I can wear it as a stand alone piece. Keep an eye on my Instagram to see how I style the necklace over the summer months.

Thanks again to Catriona and Suzanne for such a lovely lunch and gift. The collection launches in store today so be sure to visit for all things fabulous.


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